Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Save time writing articles

I have a very hectic schedule with family time, running, cycling and organising my businesses so I've been looking for ways of 'Multi-tasking'. My latest tip allows you to write articles in a fraction of the time and can be done whilst driving or training.

I have a digital voice recorder, capable of storing vast quantities of interesting articles and a piece of software called Dragon. The software can be trained to recognise my accents and does my typing for me. This method of article writing is ideal for anyone that likes articles to read in a very spoken manner. However, when you get used to using it and have programmed punctuation into the software, it can be very effective for professional sounding reports aswell.
Andy, A friend of mine writes 25,000 words per week in report form with his recorder.

One extra little tip is get the machine used to a particular key word for mistakes. Editing is then much easier with the find/replace function in MSWord.


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