Saturday, August 8, 2009

List of Free Classifieds Ads

A significant amount of my Internet advertising is carried out through the use of Free Classified Ads. I am in the process of producing a report with full instructions and tips on placing ads, for each of the major companies.

Keep an eye out for future posts.

There are several companies providing ad services so I've compiled a list of the most popular onesin Ireland.
By using the most popular ones you have more chance of your ad getting a better rating in search engines. Some of the ads I've placed have popped up within the top three hits on google for certain key words!

The list: and

Use these links, get to know the individual characteristics of each company and enjoy the pleasure of free ads!
Look out for my future posts on 'Generating Traffic, Leads and Sales with Free Classifieds' and how to save time posting ads.

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