Monday, November 2, 2009

easy html for Squidoo

After a short break from posting on my blog, due to a period of intense training and studying I decided to celebrate with a new lense on Squidoo.
I have been totally seduced by the functionality of this site and the ease with which you can create great content with Video links, photos and tons of modules (helpful content managers).
I designed a lense around the professional aspects of tree care as I have been teaching and training about this for many years and had content ready.
Having inputted the main body of text I hit a bit of a brick wall when it came to adding functionality such as hyperlinks.
And then I discovered a squidoo lense about how to do this......

I now feel a little closer to understanding html, which I feel is a huge part of successfully leveraging your time on the internet.

The second piece of help with Squidoo that I wanted to share was using html to hyperlink a list in your introduction to each individual text module. I typed a google search on 'where can i find the url for modules in squidoo'but came up with nothing, so started to sort it out myself.It is worth noting that their may be a quicker way!

My result:

If you publish your lense and then view it, a section called "contents at a glance" appears after your intro like so:

If you have constructed your lense with a seperate text module for each bullet point they will appear as seperate links in the "contents at a glance". If you click on one of the links, the url will appear in your browser and you can cut and paste this into the link box as below:

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