Monday, November 5, 2012

Bloom 2012

Photos from Bloom Festival 2012

The Walled garden at Pheonix Park with the Bloom exhibitions behind

Our guys from TreeCareIreland spent a few days pruning and removing deadwood from the competition trees at the Pheonix Park. The initial meetings with Park staff were an important part of making this event work, as there has never been a recreational tree climbing event at the Park and there was some concern about potential damage.

Reassurance from us and a great deal of trust from the park staff gave us an opportunity to demonstrate that these events are an important part of raising awareness of trees and educating the public about tree care.

  • for more information about tree climbing and training please read:  Arb training

The photos above are taken from a Scot's Pine tree and are views of the exhibition area at Bloom 2012.

Colm Lennon from TreeCareIreland training on the competition trees

'Nice Bloke' Paul from Westport posing in front of the Husqvarna Ireland(sponsor) tent

Marius from Treesolutions stretching for the limb walk bell.

Phil Annett posed to take a leap from the huge Scot's Pine tree

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