Monday, November 24, 2014

Battery Powered Chainsaw Arrives at TreeCareIreland

I wrote this post over a year ago but just published it.........I was feeling a bit sentimental at the time. we are now using battery powered saws everyday!

This blog post is for anyone interested in chainsaws, treeclimbing, forestry, training, top handled chainsaws and chainsaw training in Ireland. We would like to make special mention of Liffey Distributors, Dublin who have provided us with the new Husqvarna saw. Thanks Tony!

The green light is flashing on the new battery charger at Tree Care Ireland. Signifying the arrival of one of the first battery powered chainsaws and a new era in chainsaw technology. We are also delighted to be able to bring the very latest technology to our tree care training courses

T536 LiXP

So here are a few photos below of the new machine. We have opted for the Techlite guide bar which is running a standard, low kickback, low profile, 3/8 chain. Other battery powered saw are often fitted with miniature chain!
The battery charges in about 34minutes, gently whirring away on the kitchen windowsill.

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LANTRA Awards Verifier Meeting, Snowdonia - a few photos

LANTRA Awards Forestry Skills Standard Setting Event in Snowdonia

Sir Chalky White!

Chris White and Kevin Birchall. Chris is an experienced Forestry and Treecare Instructor/Assessor/Verifier from Scotland

The team is being led by Liam McKeown from Treevolution Ltd

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